The MD Anderson Cancer Center at American Hospital which located in Istanbul, is the first MD Anderson radiation treatment facility outside the United States that fully replicates the institution’s algorithms and standards delivered by caregivers trained in Houston. MD Anderson is the largest, and widely regarded as one of the foremost cancer centers in the world.

In our hospital, each and every cancer patient’s treatment plan is discussed and determined in weekly Tumor Board meetings dedicated to various types of cancer. Our Tumor Boards function as a forum to review and collaboratively discuss each of our cancer cases. During these reviews, all caregivers involved in the management of each case share their opinions and make suggestions regarding treatment options. Following the Tumor Board meeting, valid treatment options are presented to the patient and treatment options are presented to the patient and discussed in detail.

Our comprehensive cancer program consists of specialized physicians, patient care coordinator and medical personnel who work together to provide the best available care to our cancer patients and their families in a caring environment.



At any stage of treatment, our patients and their families & caregivers join our survivorship program which provides a

variety of services including support groups, educational publications, art facilities and social activities.